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Birdwatching in Bikini Atoll

What happens when photographer Tim Georgeson and writer Caia Hagel travel to Bikini Atoll, the remote and beautiful Pacific Island atoll that the United States used for the 1954 “Operation Crossroads” nuclear bomb testing that left several coral islands radioactive and uninhabitable, the very same tropical paradise that the bikini swimsuit was named after—and they hang out in a boat on Bikini Lagoon, the soundless site of mushroom bomb memory?

*An eerie quiet. 

*Strange thoughts in gas masks.

*Visions of voluptuous bodies filling tight bikinis as sharks swim violently around. 

*Sounds of mermaids singing. 

*Lost lucidity, binoculars, birds.


Bikini Atoll
11.6065° N, 165.3768° E

An eerie polyphonic quiet. Such a long way from anywhere. Life torn of surfaces, glowing in the dark.
I wear a gas mask in a boat on Bikini Lagoon, wondering how this place could have once inspired the sexy two-piece bathing suit.
The sea is soundless.

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